Management for intellectual property rights

 Management plan for intellectual property rights

In order to align with advanced technology tendency and protect technical achievement, we continuously engross sufficient resources in R&D and analysis for the variation of marketing and technology in relation to our products. We also formulate intellectual property policy which integrates the operation goal and R&D resources so as to reinforce the advantage in competition.

Management of patent
For the purpose of protection of technical achievement and leading position, we not only constantly encourage our staff to file application for utility patent via the corporate innovation award, but also establish the patent management policy and risk control mechanism. In addition, the quantity and quality for patent application has been managed by means of AI analysis through the entertainment patent system. We contact and cooperate with the patent competent authority closely to raise efficiency of patent examination and acquire the high-level patent protection. We also take efficient actions to reduce patent risk.

Protection of trade secret
Trade secret is the technological and business operation core of the Company. The regulations with regard to trade secret have been stipulated in Employee Handbook and Employee Contract. We also provide our staff with the training courses to disseminate the importance and protection measures of trade secret.


The report of the implementation of intellectual property events has been submitted to the Board of Directors on Nov.6, 2020.
We have carried out the management of intellectual property rights since 1990, the details are listed as follows:

1.    Application of patent
Primax group has filed more than 6613 patent applications in countries since 1990.
2.  Process management

a. In 1990: We formulated and promulgated Regulation of Patent Application.
b. In 2002: Regulation of Risk Management and Patent Usage was put into force.
c. In 2004: The Enterprise Patent System was introduced.

3.    Activation of Property
To realize Patent Monetization, we sold almost 900 patents in 2006.
4.    Risk Control
To reduce the patent risk during the period of product development, we have carried out the management of patent search archive since 2012.
5.    Management of trade secret
The regulations of trade secret which have been stipulated in Employee Handbook and Employee Contract are listed below:

a.    It’s staff’s duty to maintain secrecy pertaining to his work and the company’s business.
b.    Staff shall not disclose, inform, provide or transfer such Confidential Information to third party, or announce to public or make use for third party of such Confidential Information during and after the termination of employment period. We are eligible to request the staff who breaches the foregoing to compensate the damages incurred by the Company and the said staff will be punished by Section 317 of Criminal Code of the Republic of China on account of offense of disclosing trade secret knew or possessed because of occupation. 
c.    Staff shall not disclose or use the trade secret owned by his former employer.


Primax group has filed more than 6613 patent applications in countries since 1990. As of the end of 2020, Primax group obtains 6613 patents in countries by way of filing applications and purchasing patents, 683 patents of Primax Electronics Ltd. have been approved while 512 patents are pending in countries.