Risk of climate change

In recent years, there has been news about business operations being disrupted by major disasters that arise as a result of climate change. Due to this rising threat, it is increasingly important for businesses to explore ways of mitigating and adapting to climate change. We view climate change as one of the significant risks in corporate operations, and has established operating procedures relating to the issue. To enable better understanding of how risks and opportunities of climate change affect the Company financially, we adopted the four main guidelines of TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) recommendations published by Financial Stability Board (FSB) to disclose climaterelated information, starting from 2020. Through this framework, we hope to gain insight into the potential risks and opportunities of climate change, and assess the sources of risk we have identified while taking mitigation or adaptation measures in response to the many impacts of climate change.

The Company joined and became an official member of BCSD Taiwan. We have been actively involved in sustainability and climate change campaigns organized by BCSD Taiwan and other related associations, and are currently working with Taiwan Environmental Management Association on the establishment of EPA product rules for mice and keyboards as a means to enforce Primax's environmental protection and sustainability values.