Sustainable policy

 Responsible minerals policy

Since 2012, Primax Group has strictly complied with the "Conflict Mineral Law" and refrained from using and purchasing conflict minerals (such as: coltan, tin, gold and wolframite) that originate from Democratic Republic of the Congo, while at the same time demanded all suppliers to make commitment to using responsible minerals and ensure that all minerals (such as: coltan, tin, gold and wolframite) used in production will not finance armed conflicts.

This policy forms an essential part of our supplier management and product design, and we require suppliers to disclose information of their smelters and make announcements over GP-Portal® for any conflict metal discovered in their supply.

 Responsible minerals policy

Primax Group will not source minerals (such as Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, Gold) and their derivates which are exploited with the presence of armed conflict, human rights abuses. We commit to:

  1. Source 3TG materials from smelters that have been validly certified as Conflict-Free by an organization or program (such as CFSP), and not ban sourcing certificated materials from the DRC or adjoining countries.
  2. Implement due diligence and risk management for suppliers in accordance with OECD Due Diligence Guidance.
  3. Encourage and make suppliers to exercise due diligence and risk management in accordance with OECD Due Diligence Guidance.

 Green product policy

It is mandatory for suppliers to guarantee that all products sold to the Group are free of hazardous substances prohibited by local regulations, whether in raw materials, dyes, solvents, consumables, packaging, or production process. Furthermore, suppliers are also demanded to comply with Primax's specific requirements and terms of QW-5Q002 - Green Product Chemicals Specification for all substances contained in raw materials, dyes, solvents, consumables, packaging, and production process.

 Green product policy

  • Primax commits to actively participating in the protection of global environment, implementing green designs and green management to comply with regulations, customers' requirements and fulfill our duties as a global citizen, while providing excellent products and services.

 RBA Code of Conduct

All new suppliers are required to sign a "Supplier Statement" that includes a commitment to comply with the latest Code of Conduct developed by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA; Version 6.0). Their commitments would ensure the safety of work environment, respect of employees, protection of local environment, and morality in future business engagements.

 Tax policy

Primax Group has established its own tax policy to minimize taxation risk, optimize after-tax business performance and protect shareholders’ interest, which in turn ensures compliance with tax laws and fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities.

  1. All operating activities are carried out according to tax laws and related rules
  2. Compliance with world-recognized transfer pricing principles published by OECD
  3. Transparent financial reporting; all tax disclosures have complied with relevant rules, standards and requirements
  4. Refrain from transacting solely for tax evasion purpose
  5. Build relationship with the tax authority on the basis of mutual trust, transparency and respect
  6. Tax impact in all key decisions
  7.  Analyze the operating environment and adopt management systems for taxation risk assessment
  8. Develop taxation expertise through ongoing talent training.